Torah Resources International is an organization comprised of individuals who are seriously committed to knowing Yeshua as the Living Word and Messiah by studying the entire Torah, from Genesis through Revelation. We are a group of teachers and authors who seek to promote the biblically Hebraic concepts of the Torah with the hope that people will gain a greater depth of understanding of Yeshua, as well as how we were created to live.


We invite you to participate in this challenging and exciting learning process with us that you too might catch a glimpse of the truth that the Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation, are truly darche noam, ways of pleasantness for all who take hold of them.

Torah Portion from Briteinu  — Re’eh  ראה

Guarded Worship
Deuteronomy 11:26–16:17

Parasha Re’eh begins the enumeration of the specific commands of the Torah that God has been exhorting Israel to keep. In terms of the covenant format, we now begin the “Stipulations” section, having completed the Preamble and the Historical Prologue.

From the Haftarah

A Glorified Woman
Isaiah 54:11–55:5

This haftarah opens a new section of Isaiah’s book. Its contents still fall within the overall context of chapters 40–66. The context closer to the haftarah, chapters 42–53, is a special section that focuses on the person and work of the Servant of the Lord. Then, chapters 54 and onward, center on the results of the work of the Servant.

The translations and commentary in this section are called “Simply More Literal”. We have translated the Torah texts in a manner that is consistent with the “peshat” meaning of the text. “Peshat” is the Hebrew word for the literal, plain, historical sense of a verse. Our translations and commentaries attempt to bring you into contact with the words and meanings that were intended by the authors millennia ago. The Hebrew Masoretic text is our foundation, the simple meaning of the Hebrew words are our translation guides. In this mindset, we present to you our work.

The Academy offers biblical training in modules that are organized as “Sitting Rooms.” A unique place of learning for all ages. In a Sitting Room you go through pictures and text taking time to “sit still within truth.” In this way, you will develop a biblical vocabulary and build fundamental concepts needed for living Torah.

This is TRI’s Torah Institute’s first online course. We are endeavouring to help Bible students to rediscover the precious foundations of their faith, which are deeply rooted in the fabric of scripture from Genesis to Revelation. The course material emphasizes the continuing authority that the Torah [The Five Books of Moses] has for all serious students of the Word of God.

The 7-10 day Wilderness Israel Study Expedition [WISE] is designed for anyone who is seeking personal freedom to live in new dimensions of intimacy with Yeshua. The week is set apart for you. Set apart for you to find your place as one who bears The Light of God’s Heavenly Kingdom here upon the earth. Take time to come to The Wilderness where God is our teacher.

New From TRI

Studies in the Book of Joshua

Studies in the Book of Joshua describes God’s Covenants in action among the ancient Israelites. God relates to His people within a Covenant relationship. It is brought up repeatedly throughout the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.  It is in understanding the nature of the Covenant He has made with His people, that we then understand the nature of His relationship with His people.

In this personal study booklet, Studies in the Book of Joshua, we are afforded an opportunity to see God’s Covenants in action among the ancient Israelites. We will study how Israel was granted the right to claim the Promised Land, because it was the Land promised to them by the Holy One through a Covenant promise.

More Publications By Ariel & D'vorah

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Featured Books:

Hanukkah in the Home of the Redeemed

This booklet presents a fictional character, Ya’akov, as he journeyed through this historically exceptional Passover week as any Jewish pilgrim from Galilee might…

Torah Rediscovered

Torah Rediscovered lovingly challenges readers, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, to take an honest new look at the true nature of the first five books of the Bible (the Torah). Torah Rediscovered reveals the beauty and depth of God’s divine covenantal revelation…

A Week in the Life of the Lamb   

This 100 page book explores the relationship between Hanukkah and the challenges of assimilation, a topic relevant to both Jewish and non-Jewish believers in Yeshua…

Here is what ADONAI says:

“Stand at the crossroads and look;
ask about the ancient paths,
‘Which one is the tov way?’
Take it, and you will find rest for your beings.

“Should,” “Must,” or “Have To”

Our hearts want to communicate something that we think is important. In our exploration of the non-Jewish person’s relationship to the Torah, we have scrupulously avoided the use of “must,” “should,” and “have to,” as these ideas are completely inappropriate to the issues at hand.

The use of such words tends to open the door wide to the possibility of legalism taking over. By “legalism,” we mean the belief that adherence to the Torah is a requirement for obtaining, and/or maintaining, one’s justification before God.

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