Simply More Literal:

The translations and commentary in this section are called “Simply More Literal”. We have translated the Torah texts in a manner that is consistent with the “peshat” meaning of the text. “Peshat” is the Hebrew word for the literal, plain, historical sense of a verse. Our translations and commentaries attempt to bring you into contact with the words and meanings that were intended by the authors millennia ago. The Hebrew Masoretic text is our foundation, the simple meaning of the Hebrew words are our translation guides. In this mindset, we present to you our work.

This work is meant to immerse you in the text; you will have “work” to do as well, reading the text, understanding the key Hebrew words, phrases and concepts, then applying what you learn to your future Torah study. We will not answer all of your questions; sometimes our commentaries will leave you with more questions than answers. And that is the precise aim that we have…to inspire you and to spur you on to studying Torah as an adventure. We want you to love studying the Torah as much as we do.

We suggest that you study the translations and commentaries slowly, paying attention to detail, nuances, and themes that play off the “peshat” text. Our Torah is full of these. If you are able to study the Hebrew, that would benefit you greatly as you participate in these studies. So, enjoy!

Bar Nissim and Ben David

Your translators and commentators